We help small and medium businesses innovate and perform

Our Promise is Simple: Seamless Growth with Actionable Insights

About MightyIQ


MightyIQ uses technology to enable businesses of all sizes, we help them discover new growth opportunities, and bring our clients closer to emerging technologies, and transform their overall business performance in a positive way.


Enabling business efficiency through the power of web technology and digital transformation. Customers are at the focal point of our operational universe here at MightyIQ and we commit to show the best of experiences strategically catered to meet the individual growth requirements of every customer.

Selected Works

Web Design

Robust eCommerce Platform  - Panax Trading, Halifax

We are building a comprehensive headless web platform with eCommerce functionality + inventory management for the client with an extensive product catalog. 
Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy - Sweet Dreams Furniture, Amherst

We helped the client analyze their existing market positioning and how they can improvise their digital storefront. 

Web Design & Development - Stan's Shop, Lunenburg

We built a future ready website with eCommerce functionality for our client. 

SEO, Google Marketing & Digital Strategy - Blue Door Group, Halifax

We helped the client to analyze and make recommendations on SEO health, helped them configure Google My Business page and did competitive marketing research. 

How We Work


As a first step, we meet up with the client preferably and get the feedback - on what they want us to build.


Once we received the inputs, we will look at the competition and doing market research. 


Based on the inputs and our understanding from the research - we will build a prototype - which is aligned towards the client needs.


We will then design the website as per the inputs received in our market research - and other related tasks. 


We will then develop the website as per the client needs.

Our Customers Benefit From


Continuous Improvement

We ensure that our client businesses stay on track for their business growth goals by adopting to latest technological advancements.

Technology Expertise

We help businesses of all sizes to automate your business processes for better ROI.

Unmatched Support

We help our clients  with innovative and accessible support services that keep them covered on all their business challenges.

Memorable Experiences

Our team of technology experts focuses on making your digital transfrmation journey personal, enjoyable, and rewarding.
MightyIQ enables digital transformation for businesses of all sizes by providing seamless growth opportunities, business efficiency and actionable insights.
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